Course Tour

All photos on this page and throughout the website are courtesy of Steve Johnson. Thank you, Steve!

Hole 1

“HHCC Road Hole”
The south winds tend to push your tee shot right jeopardizing the out of bounds aligning with the road. Your second shot may be an uneven lie hitting toward an elevated green. The green is modestly sloped from the back left to the front right.

Hole 2

“Chicken Hawk”
Your tee ball must push through a southern summer wind. A long drive may find the top plateau providing a flat lie for your next play. Any approach shot will be directed to a relatively flat putting surface.

Hole 3

“Fantanstic 5”
No matter which tee box you choose to play from, it may be a challenge for your ball to come to rest in the fairway. The sloping fairway from right to left will assist the ball to travel into the left rough. A long drive here gives you the option to cross the creek in two and potentially reach an accessible green.

Hole 4

“Gentle Ben”
Don’t take the name of this hole for granted. There is out of bounds lurking right and a well-placed bunker on the left. Place your tee shot between the two and Gentle Ben will reward you.

Hole 5

“The Dog Bone”
Numerous trees are located left and right of a slightly curved fairway. A well-guided tee shot that avoids the bunker of the right edge of the fairway provides an opportunity to see a flat green. Guard yourself from out of bounds right and behind the green on this hole.

Hole 6

“Betty’s Birdie”
Betty is begging for a birdie. She offers a slight dog left right with out of bounds close by. Forget distance from the tee box, a longer drive may pass through the fairway left finding tree trouble. Put your first shot in the fairway and Betty will be kind to you.

Hole 7

“Allison’s Alley”
Allison’s Alley is one of Hidden Hill’s longest par 4’s. The majority of tee balls will find an uphill stance for the next shot. The green is slightly elevated and guarded by a false front. Find the green and you will be rewarded by a gentle putting surface.

Hole 8

“Terrible Tom”
Strap up from the blue teeing area. A southern wind may alter your club selection. This par 3 is a dandy. Tree guarded to the right and long, a false front, and a large embankment on the left side of the green makes this a difficult green to be putting for birdie. Anything close the green is an acceptable play. Good Luck!!!

Hole 9

“Closing Pin”
A right to left tee shot may follow the contour of this dogleg. Out of bounds disallows going too far left. The creek crosses the fairway at its lowest point between the 100 and 150 yardage markers from the green. You will need to hit from a downhill lie in the fairway, cross the creek, and manage the elevation change between the creek and the green. An extra club or two may be in order. A bunker protects the green in the front right corner.